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Outlaws For The Cross In November Spotlight

Give a big warm welcome to Indie 4 God Artist Spotlight Winners “Outlaws For The Cross”

Randolph Clay (Co-founder of Outlaws For The Cross) , is a remarkable individual who turned his teenage dreams into reality.

Randolph’s journey began when he stumbled upon the music of a Hip-Hop Duo called Grits. Their powerful lyrics and infectious beats ignited a fire within him and sparked his desire to become a Gospel Hip-Hop Artist.

With unwavering determination, he embarked on a path that would change his life forever.

During one memorable summer at camp, Randolph discovered an opportunity to showcase his talents. The camp held competitions for the best cleanup projects, and with the help of a counselor and his trusty camera, he created a rap video with his bunkmates. Randolph wrote and rapped while his bunkmate lent their soulful voice for the chorus.

This experience served as a catalyst for Randolph’s creativity and reinforced his belief in himself.

In high school English class, fate intervened once again when Randolph was assigned a project that required specific speech grammar. Despite past experiences of being bullied by some classmates, he fearlessly embraced this challenge. He poured his heart into crafting an exceptional presentation that left everyone in awe.

Through perseverance and resilience, Randolph not only conquered adversity but also discovered his true potential as an artist.

His talent shone brightly before those who had previously doubted him.

Today, Randolph Clay stands tall as a Gospel Hip-Hop Artist whose music touches hearts and inspires countless souls around the world.

He is living proof that following your passion can lead to incredible achievements.

3 Nails (co-founder of Outlaws for the Cross)

His story is a testament to the transformative power of faith and music.

Starting his career in the secular music scene, 3 Nails had his fair share of opportunities, opening for renowned acts like Bone Thugs and Harmony and even performing at the esteemed Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit during the Wicked Stock festival.

The world seemed to be at his feet.However, as fate would have it, God had a different plan in store for him. In a divine twist of fate, 3 Nails experienced a profound encounter with God that revealed his true calling as a Gospel Hip-Hop artist.

It was an awakening that changed his life forever.From that moment on, 3 Nails dedicated himself wholeheartedly to spreading the message of faith and hope through his music.

His lyrical prowess combined with a deep understanding of spirituality has allowed him to touch countless hearts and souls around the world.

DJ B Saved

Get ready for a whole new level of energy and excitement from Outlaws For The Cross Newest Member

Now, let’s talk about that skull mask DJ B Saved wears. The mask is quite the attention-grabber, but there’s a deep meaning behind it too!

In Revelations 13:16-17, it speaks of the mark of the beast and how it will be placed on either the right hand or forehead. On DJ B Saved’s skull mask, you’ll notice a cross on the forehead – a powerful symbol that represents his dedication as a soldier of Christ. Under the masks right eye you will find Proverbs 15:3 reminding us that God sees everything at all times before we even accept Jesus into our hearts. The last detail and yet the most important is that the skull represents scriptures Romans 8:12-13 (Dead In Flesh, Alive in Spirit)

Together these passionate individuals bring us

Outlaws For The Cross

With one purpose – to spread positivity and faith through music.

Together, they are united by the love for Christ and their mission to inspire others through their music.

Listen to their brand-new song “Follow Me” Feat. Dana Beigay

“Follow Me”

Stay tuned for electrifying performances, uplifting tracks, and powerful messages that will touch your soul.

Join Outlaws For The Cross on their incredible journey as they bring light into darkness.

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